Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) is recognised as the national body representing and advocating for the parents* of 768,067 children and young people who attend the 1751 Catholic schools across Australia. CSPA is made up of two representatives from each member State and Territory including ACT, QLD, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and WA.

CSPA works in collaboration and consultation with the National Catholic Education Commission and is recognised by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference through the Bishops Commission for Catholic Education.  CSPA also works in collaboration with the Australian Catholic Primary Principals Association and Catholic Secondary Principals Australia.

Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) believes that all children have the right to a quality education, allowing each child the opportunity to reach his or her potential.  CSPA is committed to the belief that all children can learn and that school and family collaboration is essential to successful academic and developmental growth.  Given this commitment, CSPA supports a variety of education and related support services that benefit the learning of all children.

[*Parent includes natural, adopted or foster parents, guardians or care givers of young people attending Catholic Schools.]

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