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CSPA is proud to receive sponsorship support from Australian Catholic Superannuation. Australian Catholic Superannuation is the largest Catholic super fund in Australia. 

Faith in Catholic education

Australian Catholic Superannuation has maintained close ties with the Catholic community, and in particular the Catholic education community, since the Fund's inception over 30 years ago. In fact, the Fund was initially established as an industry superannuation fund to provide retirement benefits to those who teach or work in Catholic schools and Church Agencies, though is now open to Australians from all walks of life.

Catholic education is focused on the quality education of future generations of Australians and that every student has the best possible start in life. This parallels Australian Catholic Superannuation's focus and approach in providing first-rate information services to empower members in making sound financial decisions as they save and plan for eventual retirement.

Australian Catholic Superannuation's vision... to be the superannuation fund of choice for the Australian Catholic community.

Australian Catholic Superannuation's mission... a profit-for-members superannuation fund reflecting Catholic values, is to maximise retirement benefits for our members by providing them with a portfolio of products that allows a lifetime of investment.

Follow Australian Catholic Superannuation on Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube or visit their website by clicking here.  

"When parents and schools work together to build a culture of shared leadership and responsibility for student learning and well-being, children do better and schools get better.”


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