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NAPLAN tests are held in May each year for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 and there is often a lot of discussion about their importance. Parents can get lots of mixed messages about NAPLAN - from the media, from school, from other parents and even from their children. These new vodasts aim to provide parents with some key messages about NAPLAN, namely that:

  • NAPLAN can be a valuable tool, but it is just one tool among many that parents and teachers can use to assess and reflect on student learning
  • It provides an excellent opportunity to start a conversation with classroom teachers about student learning and outcomes and how you as a parent can help your child at home
  • You and the class teacher can help prepare your child for NAPLAN (for example help them understand what the test will look like, what’s expected on the day etc) but parents do not need to go out and buy NAPLAN practice tests or get tutoring for their children – this is not what NAPLAN is about
  • NAPLAN is not a high stakes test – your child’s future is not determined by their NAPLAN results and nor can you judge the quality of a school based on NAPLAN!


Video 1: Do I Need to Prepare for NAPLAN
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Video 2: What is NAPLAN?
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Video 3: Why is NAPLAN Valuable?
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Video 4: Let’s Talk about some of the criticisms of NAPLAN
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