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Safe Schools

As a parent, you want your child to feel safe and to be safe at school. The National Safe Schools Framework values the vital role that you play in supporting your child, in connecting and communicating effectively with your child's school, and in building and nurturing positive relationships.

The Safe Schools Hub for Parents provides you with a guide to the Framework, and with information and resources that you may find useful in helping to make your child's school experience a positive and happy one.

Understanding the National Safe Schools Framework

The National Safe Schools Framework was developed by the Australian Government, along with state and territory governments, as part of a national approach to supporting schools in building safe and respectful school communities. The vision for the Framework is:

All Australian schools are safe, supportive and respectful teaching and learning communities that promote student wellbeing.

The Framework helps school communities to develop and maintain effective student safety and wellbeing policies and learning environments that are free from bullying, harassment, aggression and violence.

The Framework will help you understand:

  • how your child's school is working to keep your child safe and supported
  • what you can do to support your child's school.


Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum describes seven general capabilities, which are important to all areas of learning. These are sets of skills, behaviours, dispositions and knowledge that students develop and use in their learning as well as in their lives outside school.

The general capabilities include Literacy, Numeracy and Critical and creative thinking. The Safe Schools Hub helps schools develop students' Personal and social capability, Ethical and Intercultural understanding and their capability to use information and communication technology responsibly. Find out more about the Australian Curriculum general capabilities at the Australian Curriculum website.

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"When parents and schools work together to build a culture of shared leadership and responsibility for student learning and well-being, children do better and schools get better.”


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