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Some of the work of CSPA member bodies is highlighted here: 

  Partners4Learning is a web-based 'virtual' Centre for Excellence, developed by the Council of Catholic School Parents NSW. It provides a portal through which teachers, school administrators and parents can gain access to research, case studies, advice, a bank of practical resources and professional development to support enhanced parent, family and community partnerships within and between school communities.

Twitter: P4Learning
  Better Together: Catholic School Advisory Bodies has been developed by the Council of Catholic School Parents NSW to assist Catholic school communities with their existing school advisory bodies, such as boards, councils and parents and friends associations and help those wishing to establish such a body. The Better Together framework brings together the following key dimensions: people, principles and practices and shows the (inter)relationships among them in order to help people, or groups of people working together, have a successful journey with their school advisory body.


Twitter: CatholicBT

    The Charter for Parents in Catholic Schools SA is an initiative of the Federation of Catholic School Parent Communities in South Australia. It acknowledges and promotes the various roles of parents and carers as integral members of our Catholic school communities and partners in the education of their children.

The key statements in the Charter articulate the unique opportunities and responsibilities associated with this partnership. The Federation has provided a framed Charter for display in every Catholic school in South Australia.

Click here for a PDF version of the Charter and an associated “Message for Parents and Families”. 
"When parents and schools work together to build a culture of shared leadership and responsibility for student learning and well-being, children do better and schools get better.”


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